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Maritime Accident Casebook Premium is intended for:
Companies who wish to maintain and enhance their existing investment in safety training aboard ships which they own or manage.

Training organisations and those with safety training responsibilities who wish to have a wider range of resources related to safety training and issues.
Individual seafarers who wish to contribute to safety aboard their ships and among their fellow seafarers.

How Will We Help You Make your seafarers and ships safer?
  1. An initial library of 10 podcasts complete with transcripts in HTML and embedded PDF formats as well as downloadable PDFs suitable for printing out.
    Case studies, presented in an entertaining, intriguing style can make a significant contribution to maintaining the value of your investment and Maritime Accident Casebook has built a solid reputation doing just that. In 2009 we were shortlisted for the Safety AT Sea International Award for training.
  2. A minimum of 12 new podcasts a year, with transcripts.
    A flow of fresh case studies maintains interest and adds to the reinforcement value to your training and safety programmes. Should a specific safety issue need addressing in your company there will be a case study to support your requirements.
  3. Three video presentations a year, of which The Case Of The Silent Assassin is an example. This alone justify the modest subscription fee.
  4. Safety Alerts
  5. News Headlines
  6. Access to accident/safety investigation reports as they become available.
  7. Members only safety forum
  8. Members may also set up their own safety site that they can administer themselves for their company, ship, or organisation or, for a modest monthly fee of $25, we will administer it for you.
  9. Significant discounts on hard-copy Maritime Accident Casebook books, currently in pre-press.

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